Welcome to ANECO’s® world,
the Italian company boasting a third generation electromechanical know-how.
The path commence with Guglielmo Scianna in Tripoli (Libya) in 1947, thereafter the Green Square revolution in Libya constrains him to move to Rome (Italy) in 1972, where indeed, he is still on duty after 65 years. Based in Rieti at the very first beginning of his Italian new adventure, nowadays we have our Representative Office in one of the most central streets in the Rome historical center, and in Ragusa (Sicily, his hometown) where we have our headquarters and our production site. The company, now leaded by Maurizio Iacoboni as Chairman of the Board of Directors, can thankfully still count on our founder advices.

ANECO® srl is an Italian company specializing in the design and production of technological systems related to water treatment. It boasts wide experience in water treatment and a strong know-how inspired by innovative studies, based on electrolyzed water (EW, EOW or EO, also called electrolyzed oxidizing water, electro-activated water or ionized water solution), starting from Faraday who already in 1834, wrote 2 well-known laws about it. Professionalism characterized by technical and technological skills acquired through years of study and work in the field. Operating in over 60 countries in the world and with an experienced and motivated international team capable of operating in all environments and responding to any need, urgency or request. In collaboration with leading Italian companies, our systems are designed and developed with a strong focus on quality and compliance with EU and non-EU standards.
The end result is in a unique and innovative product that is environmentally friendly and human-friendly as well.


“Sustainable development”, are the keywords of our project. Reducing costs and consumption for a company is a necessity, doing it in a way that is respectful of the environment and casting an eye towards the future is an essential choice for us. This is why our solutions are economically and ecologically sustainable, alternatives to chemistry, and able to generate profit and/or savings. Curiosity and commitment to research are part of the DNA of ANECO® srl and of his team and this drives us to constantly develop our products towards ever new goals!


Water is a source of life, let’s preserve it for our survival!
In this context, ANECO® srl has developed a strong know-how capable of making water accessible and available for a large number of uses, thus avoiding the use of chemical products and their harmful consequences for human health and for the environment.

Our technology is based on the electo-activation process of water, our systems for the production of HClO generated in situ, are successfully used in the disinfection of urban and industrial mains water, for the treatment of both industrial and urban wastewater, in agriculture and in many other fields of application.

Curiosity and commitment to research are part of ANECO® srl’s DNA and this drives us to constantly develop our technologies in order to be used in more and more applications with ever better results!

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