Based on cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind technology, the ANECO® units were designed and developed to efficiently deliver electro-activated solutions (Aneco® and Cateco®) with unrivaled biocidal and detergent properties.
ANECO® generators are particularly appealing to agriculture, livestock farms, swimming pools, the food processing industry, and all industrial and civil sectors that suffer from the problem of residual and drinking water safety from bacterial contamination (e.g., Legionella) due to the economic benefits and the environmental and ecological benefits of reducing the use of chemicals in water.


Electrolyzed Water innovation depends on a new, beforehand law of electrochemistry concerning the cycles of unusual changes in the response and synergist limits of fluid arrangements exposed to unipolar (anodic or cathodic) electrochemical treatment.

EW is fundamentally connected with the modification of its chemical composition, acidity and/or potentially alkalinity with a wide range.

Application makes it possible because of this:
• Eliminate the use of costly reagents to alter solution properties from routine technological processes;
• Enhance the substance quality treated;
• Shorten the amount of time and number of technological operations;
• Reduce workforce;
• Make the processes of treating sewage and water easier and more streamlined.


An electrolytic cell with two electrodes, an anode and a cathode, separated by a ceramic-diaphragmatic membrane makes up the ANECO® system. A one-of-a-kind method of electrical management through intricate electronic systems and the quality of alloys selected over time have overcome the potential issues of electrode degradation that are currently present in other systems of a similar nature.

The electrodes' significantly longer lifespan was ensured by the development of a self-cleaning procedure that minimized the use of acids in cleaning. An external screen (PLC) runs the system and can be controlled remotely if needed.
The system's heart is the electrolysis cell, or reactor.

Aneco® and Cateco® products can also be produced very quickly thanks to the use of diaphragm cells.
The ANECO® units are made to make different kinds of solutions. They can work freely or potentially be coordinated into a production process:
• The Automatic eLisy units (A) combine the advantages of the ANECO® generator with the convenience of an automatic start-up and shut-down system that features level control, simpler and easier operations, cleaning and maintenance, and more sophisticated controls. Aneco® can be produced daily by automatic units up to 40 m3 in volume. A basic change permits creation movement to start nearby. An automatic system for reporting cell cleaning requirements is installed for increased efficiency;
• On all models, units with low salt and energy consumption are available. These units were made to make a lot of solution at the lowest possible cost of operation. Lines M-LC and A-LC];
• The SW (Sea Water) line are units made to be filled with sea water. They can be used on boats or in facilities close to the sea because they don't need much brine;
• The generated solutions' performance is guaranteed by the electrolytic cell's design, which is based on the cutting-edge ECA (Electro Chemical Activation) technology. It makes possible to use less electricity and sodium chloride (NaCl, also known as regular table salt);
• Pressure driven opposition of the progression of bitter water going through the phones is negligible, in order to dispense with any reason for, conceivable decrease in the adequacy of electrolysis during creation;
• The material used to make the container is prone to corrosion; the associations are made of PVDF, which have known consumption opposition even against exceptionally forceful items.


The system gathers mains water that is joined with brine, the brackish water passes through the reactor generating two solutions that according to need are fed back into the mains through a metering pump.

Included in each ANECO® water disinfection system are:
→ eLisy device (one or more);
Aneco® solution and NaCl (common table salt) storage containers;
→ FAC or ORP controller in the dosing pump(s).
The ANECO® unit’s Aneco® is dosed into the system’s incoming water after being collected in a container. A flow meter or FAC/ORP readout system connected to the dosing pump(s) controls the dosing regimen, which is determined by the flow rate and water quality (properties) of the source water.

Aneco® is the active disinfectant ingredient produced by any eLisy unit and is produced by the aqueous solution of NaCl (brine) that is electrochemically activated in the ANECO® unit. This produces a potent, nontoxic, and nonhazardous disinfectant that is the active ingredient.
In its concentrated form, Aneco® is a colorless, clear liquid with a slight chlorine odor.
Aneco® is highly bactericidal and sporicidal because it contains several mixed oxidants, the majority of which are hypochlorous acid.

Aneco® parameters are as follows:
• pH from 2,5 to 9,0;
• Concentration (general) of active chlorine 100-2000 mg/l;
• Strong oxidative activity at low concentrations of active substances that do not harm the chemical and other vital characteristics of treated water and do not form toxic compounds.

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