We are what we drink!

To stay in good health, it is essential to drink plenty of good water.

Although water is essential for our life and well-being, in the last 50 years there has been a gradual and unfortunately unstoppable qualitative impoverishment, which in this decade has even worsened dramatically. Poor quality water can cause discomfort, fatigue, minor digestive disturbances and sometimes even more or less serious illnesses.

Our bodies are made up of 70% water which must be continuously replaced to eliminate toxins and properly hydrate the 75 trillion cells that make us up and which in turn contain 38 to 49 liters of water. For example, muscles including the heart are 75% water, the brain and kidneys are 83%, the lungs are 86%, the blood is 94% and the eyes are 95%.

But are all waters...good?

The body requires to be hydrated, and hydration is essential to help it maintain proper internal balance for optimal health. Hydrating our cells and washing away toxins and acidity in our bodies with Alkaline Water is the first and best thing we can do to keep ourselves in optimal health and consciously take care of our bodies.

We literally are what we drink. If we drink water with a more acidic pH, we will be more acidic, if we drink water with a more alkaline pH, we will be more alkaline, so trivially proper hydration is not so trivial. Proper hydration keeps all your cells healthy and your pH in balance, so that your body can stay healthy.

Almost all of the water we can easily enjoy today is acidic pH water, and because of this, if drunk habitually, it will contribute to acidifying the body’s cells thus being unable to help the body eliminate and excrete toxins. Alkaline water, on the other hand, neutralizes acidic residues accumulated as a result of diet and metabolism and, if consumed regularly in conjunction with a good diet, it helps cells to gently remove toxins and acids from the body.

Practically, it is reasonable to assume that the vast majority of available waters, including most bottled waters, those treated by reverse osmosis or other systems contain contaminants and especially an acidic pH.

What to do?
We need to drink healthier water.

It is recommended to drink water that has at least a pH of 9.5 (for those with serious health conditions, it can go up to a pH that can vary between 11.5 and 12.5). Most tap and bottled water, however, do not even reach the neutral pH of 7. If you drink water with an acid pH, the body will be forced to withdraw alkaline substances from the body’s reserves to neutralize it, until such reserves will be less and less available to support any other alkalizing action. This constitutes a problem when the substance withdrawn is, for example, calcium which is responsible for strengthening the bones.

On the other hand, when you drink alkaline water, this will be useful for the body to expel acids from the tissues and moreover, harmful microorganisms cannot survive in an environment fed by alkaline water and this, as we will see later, is due to the large capacity " reductive oxide” of a basic pH water. In addition, alkaline water may contain the alkaline minerals needed by the body such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is, in fact, the ideal type of supply to provide the body with these minerals: dissolved in alkaline water, they are in the best condition to be assimilated by the body’s cells.

How does Neptune® water work?

neptune®, our solution to metabolic acidosis.

For a good state of health, the water we drink must be “energized", i.e. saturated with electrons. Neptune® water is highly charged and full of energy potential; and it is also alkaline. In fact, water is alkaline due to the negative charge of all its electrons unlike acidic water, which is overloaded with positively charged protons. It is the attraction exerted by electrons on protons that allows alkaline substances to buffer, i.e. neutralize acid substances.

The human organism has a network of control systems, whose simultaneous intervention regulates the flow of energy, strongly helped by the intake of energizing water, and metabolites, so as to keep its internal balance unchanged or almost unchanged, regardless of changes of the external one. In these situations it is advisable to drink at least 50 ml/kg of body weight, and if you drink 60 ml/kg of body weight a day Neptune® water can achieve nothing short of extraordinary results in terms of energy and well-being. From our observations, we have noticed that people who drink at least 50 ml/kg of body weight per day achieve the desired results in terms of well-being and energy faster.

After drinking the indicated amount of neptune® water at pH 8.5 for at least two weeks, drink at least 50 ml/kg of body weight per day without side effects (side effects mean that there have been no side effects from purification ), you can raise the pH level to 9.0, and continue drinking the recommended amount. After drinking the indicated amount of neptune® water at pH 9.0 (once again this means that no undesirable purification effects were encountered while consuming alkaline water, apart from frequent urination, you can choose to increase the level pH up to 9.5.