ANECO® develops in collaboration with a number of leading Italian companies, specialized in the design and production of technological systems or facilities related to water, new purification, disinfection and potabilization systems acquired in the field, thanks to a great experience, know-how and specialization.



Access to water in quality and in quantity.


A sustainable nature-friendly industry.


Water is life, let’s preserve our most important resource!


Water available; always.

eLisy Technology

The eLisy system for in situ generation of HClO, enables to obtain a disinfected and healthy water, capable of 100% reduction in the proliferation of any bacterial strain. eLisy is designed to produce in situ Aneco®, a potent biocid, bactericid, virucid, sporicid, leverucid and fungicid. Aneco® is 100% natural, non-corrosive and non-hazardous to humans, animals and environment.

LYSA System

LYSA home ultrafiltration responds to cutting-edge technology, 100% handmade in Italy with exceptional performance that ensures the elimination of chlorine, sediment, and bacteria in your tap water. LYSA is an ideal product for home use, keeping intact the taste, and minerals contained in your home water.

Our accomplishments


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