The system collects network water that combines with salt. The saline solution passes through the reactor generating two products that are fed back into the network through a pump.
Cateco® Alkaline has a pH between 11 and 13 and can be used for flocculation (eg heavy metals), coagulation, washing, and extraction. In addition, this solution can be used to wash wounds (instead of iodine) and wherever it is necessary to increase the pH of the water to be treated.

It is tested and proven by National Industrial Fuel Efficiency Service Ltd. (NIFES) for the Scottish Borders Entreprise that Aneco® and Cateco®, products of the eLisy units from ANECO®, have properties that conform to what is declared ANECO®.
There are distinctive differences between a sodium hypochlorite solution, a calcium hypochlorite solution, and the locally produced hypochlorous acid solution, or, in other words, Aneco®, from ANECO®.

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