ANECO® solutions with their powerful bactericidal qualities offer a wide range of applications for the livestock industry.
At the same time, ANECO® solutions also allow substantial reductions in toxic emissions at low costs, bringing considerable savings compared to conventional, usually more expensive methods.
These solutions are safe and easy to handle, and there will no longer be a need to deposit and store harmful chemicals.



Diseases and infections have always been a major concern in the poultry industry, especially on farms. Fortunately, microbial contamination can be prevented and controlled by using appropriate management practices and modern sanitary products.

Environmental Technology offers a comprehensive, environmentally friendly and economical programme that starts with water treatment, barn cleaning and irrigation.
Treating the entire facility with ANECO® equipment can have many advantages, including:

Significantly lower mortality rate;
Limited use of antibiotics resulting in improved productivity;
Increased resistance of chicks to more complex rearing conditions;
Better feed utilisation, faster weight/less days of feeding;
Significant reduction in lung, digestive and skin diseases;
Calmer, less stressed chicks;


Complete destruction of germs and pathogens (including H1N1) / very effective under intensive conditions;
Decreased chronic diseases;
Decreased number of feeding days with an equivalent result in terms of weight;
Saved money and realised projects;
Limited groundwater contamination.


Diseases on livestock farms have always been problematic for farmers. Numerous studies have shown that following a change in the breeding conditions of animals such as cattle, horses, chicks, etc. (from natural to intensive), the formation and proliferation of bacteria is accelerated. The secondary effects of diseases are amplified by the speed with which contamination spreads within the facilities housing the animals through the distribution of drinking and irrigation water, food in containers and shared material.

Some types of diseases, such as those faced by livestock producers, are in some way related to environmental transmission, many of which include symptoms that may be attenuated and difficult to detect.

Although vaccines and/or treatments have been developed for many of the most common transmissible or specific diseases on sheep, cattle and poultry farms, it is not possible to administer all vaccines to every single animal. Vaccines come at a cheap price but with a high cost in terms of labour and effort. Often they are not immediately effective, so they can become a completely unnecessary cost for a herd that can never be fully treated.




In addition, for outdoor animals, a full-body treatment was necessary to reduce the presence of certain viral or bacterial loads on the animal’s skin and/or fur, as well as the transmission rate of bacteria and viruses and infection.

Aneco® is very effective as a disinfectant because of its high microbicidal activity on a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria, including micro-bacteria and bacterial endospores.
In addition, Aneco® has a high biocidal potential against bacterial endotoxins, exerts a high fungicidal power and adapts to bacterial or fungal toxins, and is capable of eliminating these hazardous substances by being non-hazardous to animals.

The applications in which Aneco® can be used after washing, cleaning and sterilisation are:

• Prevention of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis;
• Treatment of breast edema;
• Treatment of clinical mastitis;
• Treatment of mammary oedema;
• Treatment of cuts and abrasions;
• Treatment of metritis;
• Treatment of trichomoniasis in bulls;
• Treatment of calf sores;
• Prevention of calf pneumonia;
• Calf skin;


Disease and infection have always been a major concern for the dairy industry. Fortunately, microbial contamination can be prevented and controlled using appropriate management practices and modern sanitary products.

Environmental technology offers a comprehensive, environmentally friendly and economical programme that starts with water treatment and continues in the barns and on the land.
Treating the entire farm with ANECO® systems will give you a number of benefits, such as:

· Providing a healthy and hygienic environment that repels odour-causing bacteria;
· Improving milk quality and increasing milk production;
· Improving animal health and quality of life;
· Reducing costs by eliminating chemicals and detergents.


Our plant and production treatment products have great potential and can be used to systematically treat all aspects and stages of dairy production by eliminating dangerous and unhealthy pathogens from the dairy environment with highly effective biocide solutions. We can say that our products are ‘non-toxic’.

The Aneco® and Cateco® solutions produced by our eLIsy systems do not contain or release harmful residues associated with chemical-based products.
Our products result are:
• Reduction of diseases such as mastitis, dysentery, fungal infections of the foot and skin, ruminal acidosis, etc.
• Increased nutrient uptake and hydration status of the animals;
• Improved nutrition and feed consumption that accelerates weight gain in a shorter time;
• A positive and decisive impact on milk production;
• Significant improvement of silage quality and animal feed by eliminating harmful pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, various fungi and toxins;
• Ensuring the complete destruction of germs and pathogens, which are highly present in intensive livestock farming situations.

ANECO® technology has several advantages, such as:
• Cleaning and disinfection of raw milk CIP systems and other equipment without dangerous chemicals;
• Reduction of pathogens and other harmful microorganisms more effectively than sodium hypochlorite, ozone or other aggressive chemicals;
• Elimination of skin irritations.